Daily Day

To talk about Daily Day, we have to go back to 1934. In that year, Manuel Prata began a family path in the clothing industry. As a young man, Manuel decided to deepen his knowledge in tailoring, by joining a course for tailors in Porto, northern Portugal. He was a tailor his intire life and passed on the legacy to the following generations.

Father of five boys and five girls, he trained some of his children in the art of tailoring. From then on, each one traced its own path and some have created industry, including Emanuel Prata, who created his first company in 1980: Prata & Borges, known today as Daily Day Studios, which maintains its production unit in Paços de Ferreira and the recognition for the high quality and diversity of its production.

The third generation of the family followed different areas, but since 2011, the brothers Ana, Filipe and Mário Prata ended up appproaching the family business, having introduced a process of modernization and internationalization that led to the reach of the best markets in Europe and North America. The business became practically 100% exporter, always maintaining production in Portugal.

In 2014, were taken the first steps to create private label and, thus, Daily Day was born into the world, always maintaining the growth process. Today, the sales channels are distributed through the online store, one physical space in Porto and some selected stores.

Currently, Daily Day is staffed with around 60 very experienced and versatile people who puts all their dedication in everything they do, every day. Everyone involved in the creative process, in the production process and in the costumer service works towards your satisfaction.

Every day, Daily Day proposes to discover and create the best solutions. The goal is to provide to each customer essential articles for daily life, that last beyond the seasons. Focused on comfort and sustainability, it supplies functional and timeless goods, always with quality raw materials.

And because it believes in a more sustainable future for the industry, Daily Day remains in the product innovation leadership, associating itself with reference suppliers, leaders of sustainability and innovation, investing in less invasive techniques for the environment and lasting materials. 

Based on resilience and commitment, Daily Day wants to continue delivering sustainable and excellent products.