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At Daily Day, we believe in a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. We believe that sustainability is achieved by creating lasting products, using materials and techniques less harmful to the environment. For this, we seek to create designs that last in time, with excellent raw materials and quality confections with comfort.

Daily Day’s products are traceable and comply the “Kilometer Zero” parameters. We use local raw materials and local reference suppliers, leaders of sustainability and innovation. In the Daily Day’s collections you can find organic fibers, recycled fabrics, natural dyes and vegan materials.

We are concerned with ensuring ethical standards as a business and commitment towards the many people and communities who make our products.


Is it important for you to know where the products you buy come from and what impact they have on the environment? If so, we have good news: Daily Day’s products are traceable and comply the “Kilometer Zero” parameters.

“Kilometer Zero” focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of products, more precisely on the emissions generated by the vehicles that transport them. Basically, the goal is to bring producers closer to consumers. 

At Daily Day, we use local raw materials and local suppliers and produce the collections, all of which are limited, in our factory, from where we ship directly to customers. In this way, we can be present throughout the entire production process and reduce the impact of each garment.

Because we are also what we wear, we can actively contribute to carbon reduction when we prefer certain garments. Choose transparency, make your choices based on trust. 

Daily Day - Orgânico
Daily Day - GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard


Organic products respect a production system that reduces the impact on the environment, natural resources, animal species and local plants. 

As they are free of toxins, organic products are anti-allergenic, do not harm more sensitive skin.  

Among the organic materials used by Daily Day, there is organic cotton, with GOTS certification. Organic cotton is produced based in the principles of organic agriculture, which does not use chemical materials and uses the crop rotation system, reducing damage to the soil, the environment and human beings. This type of cultivation allows for great reductions in water consumption, gas emissions, acidification, eutrophication and primary energy demand.


Daily Day - Reciclados

Recycled materials significantly reduce the impact of the clothing industry. Daily Day uses recycled materials in some of its products, whose production techniques save a considerable number of resources.

Examples of these materials are 100% recyclable polypropylene or GRS certified NewLifeTM recycled polyester – recycled from bottle waste, without the use of chemicals, which allows a reduction of 60% energy consumption, 94% water consumption and 32% carbon dioxide emissions.

Daily Day - Vegan
Daily Day - PETA


Based on the concern for animal exploitation and suffering and ecological awareness, vegan products are healthy, environment-friendly and animal-friendly.

Some of the vegan products we sell, stamped with PETA product certification, include the Daily Day’s accessories.


The circular economy seeks to redefine the notion of growth, focusing on benefits for the entire society. This production and consumption model involves sharing, repairing, reusing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products, as far as possible. This way, the products’ life cycle is extended and there is a reduction of waste and residues to a minimum.

The circular economy leads to several benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, greater security in the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, promoting innovation, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs. 

Daily Day is committed to following this path, so that consumers have access to more lasting and innovative products.